Friday, April 18, 2008

The Stream on Mountain Grove

Pretty slow in greater metropolitan Oscar, North Carolina....somebody did install a new sign on the way into town this week.

After a couple of days watching cabbages grow...

...we decided to go across the mountains a piece.
Took a little target practice on the way...

...then we found a favorite place to shoot...
Radiant sacred earth

But I can't go there without some apprehension. I see the most beautiful pastures for miles around, where Arnie, Jack and Phil would just see 18 more holes.

If you care to, you can visit the cemetery out behind the church...

...see the names who farmed this valley, see the graves of the folks taken by the 1919 Epidemic...

before you go up the road some more.

Rival gang graffiti marks their turf

Slow down where the road used to end

I knew what had rolled in beyond there. Saw their fluff on the world wide web, The Sanctuary at Mountain Grove. Tacky gates and all the rest. Wonder what else they’ve done up where our cameras can't go.
Took a hint from a sign on the barn...

...the last old barn before the sanctuary.

Heroes live here...
and geese do, too.
A creek is a terrible thing to waste.
Remember the old home place?
We left Mountain Grove with mixed feelings, crossed the gap, and saw a brand new sign on the way back to Oscar.

Good advice, indeed

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